A.S.Peta Dargah, Anuma Samudram Peta

AS Peta Dargah is located about 60 km from Nellore city. This is an ancient dargah also known as Khaja Rahamatulla Dargah is visited by people of all religions from different parts of the country. Urs (Urusu) is celebrated every year amidst a large number of devotees.

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  1. […] Khaja Rahamatulla Dargah, A.S.Peta (Anuma Samudram Peta) This ancient dargah is located at about 60 KM from Nellore city. It is one of the unique places where Hindus and Muslims blend together and stand as an illustration of National integrity. Devotees from different parts of the country visit this place without distinction. The ornamental work of the dome is notable. Every year Urusu is celebrated where large number of devotees gather here for blessings. Read more… […]

  2. yarragunta venkateswarlu reddy says:

    This is my native place .hi to all as pet people.

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