Dr Ravindranath Kancharla, Global Hospitals

March 17, 2011 0

Dr Kancharla Ravindranath, a Surgical Gastroenterologist, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Global Hospitals Group. Global Hospitals has carved a niche for itself in India’s health care industry by excelling in areas ranging from diagnosis to multi-organ transplantation, from simple procedures to complex surgeries, international expertise and state–of-the-art infrastructure. Today, it is a one-stop […]

Manohar Reddy B

March 15, 2011 2

Mr Manohar Reddy B
Founder Chairman
Akshada Foundation

Mr Manohar Reddy started his career in 1977 as a clerk in a government high school and went on to become a teacher in 1982. In the next 18 years he imparted quality education to thousands of children at various schools in Nellore district.
In the year 2000, he was […]

Dr Gopal Reddy Bejawada

March 15, 2011 2

Dr Gopal Reddy was born in Nellore on 5th August 1907. He was inspired by the freedom movement at the tender age of 13 years. He won his first election in 1937 and continued his winning streak for long. He was in jail for several times during the freedom struggle. He worked as a minister […]

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